My News Report

Hello Bloggers,

The whole school is back from the fun holidays.

An old subject has occurred, doing recounts on the holidays, but there was a twist.

Instead of doing boring old recounts, we are able to do a news report.

A news report that actually explains our holidays, I looked around when I heard this from the teachers and I saw everyone’s face light up.

When we were told what we had to do I straight away got up.

The idea was to first draw a storyboard, something that explains our news report in drawings. Then write our script that will be read in our news report. After this you will be able to do the most fun part of the subject, filming. I had so much ideas but I thought of one doing it at home will be better.

When everyone had finished filming they put it down on our network so everyone is able to see it and write what they think about it on this post.

All of this was awesome.

Have you ever had to do something similar to this at your school?

Would you recommend this better than just doing a recount?

Thanks for reading bloggers,


Book Week

Dear Bloggers,

Today is Friday the 23rd of August and that means Book Week!

Book Week is when you come as your favourite character from a book. You could be Cat in a hat, Harry Potter and much more. Miss Kovacich, my teacher dressed up as a nanny from a book she read. Something exciting we did was do some activities with our Level 1 buddies. One of the activities we did were colouring some printed pictures that were in the book we read.

It was a fun day for all of us, and especially the Level ones.

Do you have Book Week in your school?

Do you have Level one buddies in your school?